A message from the
Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor- Cleveland Office

Our Sisters first came to Cleveland in 1870. For nearly 145 years, thousands of elderly poor received compassionate and devoted care, and were accompanied by our Sisters on their final journey home to God. Due to a declining number of vocations, we had to make the difficult decision to no longer have a Home in Cleveland. However, we still maintain an office that supports our mission. We are privileged to be able to care for the elderly poor and witness the sacredness of every life in 28 Homes in throughout the U.S.

All contributions and bequests to Cleveland will continue to support our mission of caring for the elderly in our Homes throughout the country. For a list of all of the locations of all of our Homes, visit our directory. Our Homes in Ohio are located in Oregon, near Toledo and Cincinnati.

We are very grateful for your past support. Be assured of our grateful prayers.

You may contact us at:
Little Sisters of the Poor
4291 Richmond Road
Cleveland, OH 44122
216 450-1225

For information about our Supreme Court for our case against the HHS Mandate. Visit our national website. We are not accustomed to being in the limelight and it has been challenging for us to be all over the media when what we really want to do is care for our elderly poor. We believe that our foundress, St. Jeanne Jugan, would be in solidarity with us for religious freedom, and so we follow our conscience and turn it over to Our Lord in prayer.